4 week Pranayama Course – begins Sun 14th Oct FULL (only for those that have attended the 5 week breath healing course)

Julie Kent has over 11 years teaching experience in many forms of Yoga and is also a Breath Healer.

The primary focus on each session will be the breath.  I will guide you through a variety of breathing exercises/Pranayama techniques  and explain the benefits of each.    I will also be sharing many other practices to support you to move into a deeply relaxed state, physically emotionally and mentally. All of what you will experience, will support you move into a receptive and healing state.

This course is suitable only for those that have attended the ‘5 week Breath Healing Course’

The sessions will include:

Pranayama (breathing exercises) – each pranayama technique has a direct influence on the mind, nervous system and body in different ways, some being more relaxing and others being more energising

Gentle Hatha (this is suitable for everyone)– Approximately 10 – 15 minutes of each session will focus on Gentle Hatha Yoga.  The breath will be a fundamental part of the practice.  Through this practice you will create a good circulation of oxygen rich blood to your organs and glands.  I will explain the benefits of this in each pose.

Laya Yoga – concentration techniques to move energy so as to allow the energy to flow more freely, dissolving any energy blockages

Relaxation  – Techniques that help you move into a deep relaxation

Meditation – In a sitting or lying position, various techniques are practiced to help achieve a calm still state of mind

Raja Yoga – (Yoga of the mind) – mindfulness – awareness of our thoughts/belief systems – tools to help you change/break old patterns of thinking and create new healthy belief systems

Visualisation techniques 

Within each class I will explain the effects all of the practices have on your health and wellbeing, such as :

  • The health benefits you receive  (e.g. blood pressure,  hormonal balance, Menstration problems, thyroid, digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia etc)
  • The beneficial effects on your nervous system. some practices can be very energising and some create relaxation.
  • The beneficial effects on your organs and glands.
  • The beneficial effects on your energy body. For example some practices have the ability to release any locked in tensions and energy blockages.  As we find this release, energy is able to move more freely as well as oxygen rich blood.
  •  An opportunity to explore your breathing and gain a deeper understanding of just how your breath is connected to your physical , emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Though greater breath awareness and Pranayama we will bring more oxygen into the cells of our body. This supports cellular healing as well as detoxification of the cells.

If you wish to pay by another method, or if you have any queries please feel free to call me on 07797782606 or email me at yogaliving@hotmail.com

DATES:  Sunday 14th October 2018 (for 4 consecutive weeks)
TIME:  10 – 11.30pm (I may also offer a second course at 8am – 9.30am)

Price* please see cancellation policy below
Early bird Price – £60 
– to be paid before Sun 30th September 2108

If paid after 30th September – £70 

There is a £2 surcharge if you pay via PayPal


LOCATION:  3 sessions will be at Gervais Le Gros, and 1 session at a space near Granville school (by the bowling alley)

Sun 14th Oct – held at a space near Granville school (by the bowling alley)
Sun 21st Oct – held at Gervais Le Gros
Sun 28th Oct – held at Gervais Le Gros
Sun 4th Nov – held at Gervais Le Gros

Gervais Le Gros, Le Mont Les Vaux Jersey, JE3 8AF

Click  here for map link
PARKING & DIRECTIONS – Anywhere in the St Aubins area.  Walk up the hill, past the trafalgar pub.  After about 100 metres you will see a small carpark for about 6 cars on the right hand side.  This is Gervais Le Gros.  Take the entrance on the right

Jersey Indoor Bowling, Granville (next to Granville school), St Saviour, JE2 7XB

Click here for map link
PARKING & DIRECTIONS – As you turn in to Granville School, you head down towards the school and you will see the first turn off to the left (park in the upper car park, see below) Then head down here and you will see the Indoor Bowling centre.  We are in the room upstairs.

PARKING Please park in the upper school car park. If you have a disability parking badge you are welcome to park in the carpark directly outside the indoor bowling centre.



Terms & Conditions of payment – by making payment you agree to these terms and conditions:
If you decide to cancel any time up to 1 week before the course begins a full refund will be given. If you cancel after this time a £20 admin fee will be deducted from your refund.
No refund will be given once the course has begin.  This includes refunds for any classes that you miss.  If you do miss a class and I am teaching others classes in the week, you can make it up at 1 of these classes so long as there is availability.