5 week Breath Healing Course – Apologies, I’ve had to cancel this course for 2019

5 Week Breath Healing Course-

For those with Autoimmune Disease & other health conditions

Being held in Jersey , UK in October 2019.  This course is offered only once a year in Jersey, and every year they have been fully booked with a waiting list.

I AM HOLDING 2 OF THESE COURSES, you have a choice of either Sunday mornings or Mondays evenings.

I am also holding a 3 1/2 hour ‘Breath & your Health’ workshop  which is currently estimated to be held in July 2019. You may wish to come along to this first to learn more about the Breath Healing work I do.

This is a 5 week programme (time & info below) to support people on their healing journey from Autoimmune Disease & other Health conditions.  Its also for anyone who wants to generally improve their health and wellbeing.

I suffered from C.F/M.E & Hashimotos for some time, and have healed myself in such a short amount of time using the knowledge and techniques I will share with you. Click HERE  to read the story of my healing journey and see HERE for information on the importance of our breath)

I will teach you to have a deeper understanding of your breath, and the skills you need to acquire healthy breathing. Breathing correctly is fundamental to sustaining good health.

When we are breathing incorrectly our bodies do not receive enough Oxygen (O2). (remember we can be breathing incorrectly and not even know this!). This creates an O2 deficiency to all our cells, glands and organs. Our cells deteriate, and disease sets it. Every cell of our being needs O2 to survive. If you were to hold your breath for 5 minutes you would probably die, this is what happens to our cells in our body.

Every person who has cancer is Oxygen deficient and has a pH that is too acidic – Dr Otto Warburg

What you will receive from this 5 week programme:

• Week 1 – 4  – A 2 1/2 hour session once a week for 4 weeks  (this will be a small group of no more then 15 – 17 people)
• Week 5 – This will be a full day session on the Sunday.  Both  the Sunday and Monday groups will be attending this group together.  For half of this day the focus will be of practical applications on everything you have learnt on the course. The other half of the day will be more theory based
• A further (optional) 3 x 90 minute sessions once a week on a Saturday morning for 3 weeks (see below)
• Information that will be shared with you in a way that is easy to understand. I will happily spend extra time with you if you are still unclear of anything I’ve shared on the extra Saturday sessions . For an extra cost I also offer private sessions.
• Skills that will enable you to have a deeper understanding of your breath and how to correct poor breathing patterns.
• You will receive a package which contains a summary of information shared at the workshops.
• You will receive : a 50 minute relaxation, breath and movement routine ; An audio of a 20 breathing practice; An audio of a 10 minute mindfulness/ manifestation/meditation practice and more– this will be sent to you via ‘dropbox’. (if you wish to have all of this on a memory stick there will be a charge of £5 for this)
• A structured homework plan each week


  • I will also offer 3 Saturday morning session during this course. These are optional. This time will be spend practicing much of what i have taught you and give you the opportunity to ask questions , etc

PRICE  – I am not receiving payments until early in the year of 2019. For now i am just taking expressions of interest.
£370 – This will be the early bird price i will offer .

£420 –

To pay in instalments- please pay the deposit to hold your space. Then you can set up a direct debit to pay in monthly instalment.  If you wish to do this please contact me to make arrangements

If you have interest in attending this course, please send me your name, email and telephone number (below).  I will add you to the list and contact you in the near future.  Priority will be given to those that have expressed interest in date order.
Please call me on 07797782606 if you have any questions, thanks x


    I also offer a free phone consultation to anyone that is interested in attending this course.  Please contact me to book a time. (tel 07797782606 or email loveyogaliving@hotmail.com)


    Many thanks in helping me to feel better, much better then i have in years, didn’t realise how well i would feel on this easy to follow course with Julie, with excellent explanation on everything and demonstrations
    Carol Renouf (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breathing Healing Course for M.E / Chronic Fatigue in 2015

    I really loved all the information on what goes on ‘behind’ the breathing and what happens when we do it wrong… and also all the emotional./mental/physical links. This is inspiring… is makes me WANT to change so that I can improve every level of my life and live from a better all-round healthy place. Sometimes we are unaware of the bad things we do to ourselves and this really helped highlight some of the things I am doings that are terrorising my own life. I think you did this really well, and I loved your passion for it… I think that is so important and is easy to be motivated by passionate teaching. Your enthusiasm was second to none and your generosity of spirit and also of your time and kindness was also very unexpected and very nurturing and for me helped as I find it hard to ‘take’ for me, but you gave so willingly that it made it easier for me to take part in your generosity.I can’t say enough what a gift the course, and your energy and kindness have been. Thank you xxxxxxx
    Saskia Lee Stewart (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breathing Healing Course for M.E / Chronic Fatigue in 2015

    To see more testimonials please see: http://www.loveyogaliving.com/testimonials/