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“The restorative class with Julie was an amazing Yoga experience and I haven’t felt that relaxed in a while. The whole room was filled with a beautiful and calm energy and Julie is a truly wonderful teacher. I would do it again tomorrow!”

Manuela French, Jersey

I've only seen Julie a few times and already I am breathing and feeling so much better


I liked it that Julie taught me yoga from basics: how to breath, stand and sit and she always fully explains the benefits of postures and stretches. I always feel energised, relaxed and grounded afterwards. Julie's classes are a spiritual practice not just exercise. She teaches from the heart. I have found her to be a gifted and intuitive teacher',

Sharon Rive, Jersey

BREATH HEALING -Many thanks in helping me to feel much better then i have in years, didn’t realise how well i would feel on this easy to follow course with Julie

Carol Renouf, Jersey

BREATH HEALING -Since starting the techniques I have noticed small changes in my health that have lead to huge steps forward

Nina Wright, Jersey

BREATH HEALING -I can’t say enough what a gift the course, and your energy and kindness have been. Thank you xxxxxxx

Saskia Lee Stewart, Jersey