Breath Healing 5 Week Course -Testimonials 

Tina – (Fibromyalgia)

“This course has been life changing for me. I have struggled for over 20years with Fybromyalgia. I dragged myself through each day suffering with chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog. Julie delivered this course with compassion and empathy. I have practiced everything that she has taught me and the results are utterly amazing. The neck and shoulder pain that I lived daily with has disappeared. My head hasn’t felt this clear for years and I now have enthusiasm, and energy for the life I can now live. I practice all Julie’s teachings daily and I know that I can heal myself through my breath and the knowledge that she has given to me. I can’t thank Julie enough. She has given me my life back and I will be eternally grateful to her. Thank you Julie, you’re amazing”

Tina Scott (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016


3 1/2 hour “breathing & your Health” Workshop -Testimonials

 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 10 years ago; and suffer with chronic pain and fatigue on a daily basis and I’ve been looking for alternative therapies to help with managing my pain, rather than taking medication; so when my dear friend Sue mentioned that her sister Julie Kent does yoga and teaches breathing techniques to aid with with pain, I jumped (not literally) at the chance of attending a 3 1/2 hour session with Julie on breathing exercises which was incredible.  We really don’t understand how important it is to breath properly, and how breathing the way we do can cause so many ailments and illnesses.  Let me tell you it was wonderful, I try and use the techniques learnt in my daily life and have found it very effective, so much so that I will be attending a 5 week course with Julie where she’ll teach me to have a deeper understanding of my breath, and the skills I need to acquire for healthy breathing. Breathing correctly is fundamental to sustaining good health; which is what I so desperately need! I also attended another event yesterday evening that Julie was holding; “Restorative yoga”  I cannot describe how wonderfully calm and at peace I felt this morning; this was a 2 1/2 hour session, let me tell you, it was amazing; I can’t believe how relaxed, calm and peaceful I felt after each pose! It was amazing!  I also had one of the best sleeps I’ve had in years; and I’ve been totally chilled all day; so I would strongly recommend going to see Julie if you have any ailments, whether you’re suffering with stress, fatigue, depression, asthma etc; she is wonderful!  Thank you so much Julie and Sue! Much love to you both” xx

‘Deeply Relaxing’ Yoga Classes – Testimonials

“I went to a course of Julie’s restorative yoga classes and found them to be as described, extremely relaxing and restorative. I carried a feeling of well-being for a good number of days after my sessions. The environment was kept warm and nurturing the Danish describe this as Hygge. Warm blankets, candle light and essential oils made this a relaxing experience. In saying this there was also some good stretching and deep breathing exercises and I could feel some muscles the next day who had been worked which was unusual as the stretches were gentle. I had a bit of a viral illness on my last session and Julie advised me to use some deep breathing which I did and this helped my chest to feel less tight opening up the lower lobes of my lungs stopped the pain I had experienced when breathing. As I let Julie know that I could not attend she refunded my session, this was not expected and was appreciated. I have worked for many years as a nurse and keep an open mind to the healing benefits of Yoga, I have no hesitation and have a true belief in its restorative powers and I know that reducing cortisol levels is extremely important in the healing process” (Jenny Querns) February 2018


Online Yoga classes – Testimonials

Yoga with Julie, isn’t just yoga. It is breath work, relaxation and looks at the ‘whole you’. It is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually beneficial.
Julie is so intuitive and caring and the practice is tailored to suit everyone. You do what your body can do. There is no competition, no pressure, just a wonderful practice the leaves you feeling relaxed, ( but you know you’ve worked ?), and genuinely cared for.
(Lesley L’Enfant)


Restorative Yoga Testimonials

Restorative Yoga Testimonial

A big thanks for last night – what a totally submersible experience. I felt guided, clearly instructed, supported and super relaxed learning to use the breathe during each yoga pose. I definitely will be recommending – everyone should try it! I left feeling completely rested, and took away the potential of the breathe in generating feelings of greater wellbeing. (Emma Hickey, Jersey, 2016)


Yoga Retreat Testimonials

“This retreat was energising and relaxing at the same time. I was transported in mind and body to a wonderful place where there was real freedom to just ‘Be’ and absorb all the special atmosphere created.  It has helped me so much on returning home to be mindful and tuned into myself, Thanks”
(Veronica Slaven – Weekend France Retreat)

“I really enjoyed this weekend retreat.  The content was very well thought through and the breaks in between the classes were the right length to give some personal down time.  I would recommend this weekend to anyone looking for a really relaxing & restoring break”
(Anonymous – Weekend France Retreat)


Private Yoga Class Testimonial

I’ve tried various yoga classes before but never really enjoyed them and often felt uncomfortable or nor flexible enough. I was never sure I was ‘doing it properly’. I liked it that Julie taught me yoga from basics: how to breath, stand and sit and she always fully explains the benefits of postures and stretches. Over time my flexibility and strength have improved hugely. But more importantly from the beginning i have enjoyed every class and I always feel energised, relaxed and grounded afterwards. Julie’s classes are a spiritual practice not just exercise. She teaches from the heart. I have found her to be a gifted and intuitive teacher’,

Sharon Rive, Jersey 2015

KickYourAsana Yoga Event Testimonial

Wow Wow WOW!!  What a blast on Friday night!! I really enjoyed it, was challenged with my yoga and also realised how much I miss dancing!  Thankyou for bringing such a wonderful event to our area, you and Emma are a great team. Looking forward to the next one!

Tara Beaumont (Australia) 2011

Group Yoga Class Testimonial

I started the yoga classes as an alternative to going to the gym and to aid relaxation. All of which I have achieved at Julie’s classes. However, I never expected the additional rewards/results I would I’ve achieved from Julie’s classes. I have lost a significant amount of weight and my body has actually altered, achieving a beautiful definition I have never obtained from any other form of exercise.

Julie is a great teacher, she is informative, considered and calm, clearly explaining the spiritual and physiological benefits of each pose.

I find every class extremely rewarding.

Hazel Nolan (Jersey) 2010