Styles of Yoga

98895801-3e89-4f5a-9f81-e2691c9dd337I have been a student of yoga for 25 years and a teacher of Yoga since 2006

I teach many styles of yoga which i will explain about below.  I am also a breath educator/therapist, and if you click HERE  you will find more information on this.

Let me explain a little about yoga.  Hatha Yoga is the form of yoga most people think of when they think of yoga . It is the yoga of physical movement/exercises, and Hatha is being taught and practiced in many different styles such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hot Yoga and so many more styles are cropping up all the time. These styles are all forms of Hatha Yoga

I teach many styles of Hatha Yoga, such as Vinyasa flow, Gentle Hatha, Advanced Hatha, nurturing candle lit Restorative Yoga , Yoga for over 50’s, Theraputice Yoga, as well as holding fantastic “KickYourAsana” Yoga Vinyasa evening sessions acompanied to live drumming and upbeat music., so much fun. So as you can see, with so many different styles of Hatha Yoga there really is something to suit everyone. Quite often people think you need to be be fit and flexable to practice Hatha Yoga but this simply is not true, you just need to find the right teacher and class for you.

If you decide to practice Hatha Yoga, it’s important to find a teacher that has a good understanding of the physical alignment, so you can be safe, and also to support you to grow and advance in your practice. I have extensive knowledge of the physical alignment of the body in Hatha Yoga, with emphasis on the uniquness of each person, helping you to find safe and beneficial alignement for your body.

cc47c93f-9e83-4729-89b5-b0bfb549704cAs well as teaching Hatha Yoga I also teach 8 other forms of yoga, these are: Jnana Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Karma Yoga, Raja Yoga ,Yantra Yoga , Mantra Yoga , Laya Yoga and Bhakti Yoga. (See HERE for more info of these forms of Yoga). It’s wonderful how we have embraced Hatha yoga and know the benefits this form of yoga can bring , but unfortunately these other forms of yoga are not so well known about, or practiced in the western world. I feel very excited to be able to share these teachings with you.

Within all my teachings/breath healing I incorporate the Science of yoga and Chakra yoga techniques.