How I healed myself

My personal journey 


3 weeks into my breath healing course in January 2015

I can even remember as far back as teenage years, or possibly even earlier, that I just didn’t seem to have the same energy as others, not a massive difference, but still so much that i’d feel worn out under certain conditions. As I became older it progressed to me needing to have naps during the day, for example during lunch breaks at work, and after work sleeping for a couple of hours in a dark room. I always thought this was ‘just me’ and was ‘normal’. Now i know its NOT!!!

I have always loved being active, and have a passion for living my life to the fullest. In 2009 whilst living in Australia I experienced a traumatic event, and this was when my health steadily declined. By 2011 I had a number of health issues (extreme fatigue, unable to walk far without being totally exhausted and often having payback a few days later, fluey achy symptoms, severe nerve pains, hangover feeling each morning, sore throat, sinus congestion, itchy rashes all over my body and itchy eyes, stomach pains, diagnosed with hashimoto’s disease (which I longer longer have :))), chronic bronchitis, bloating, anemia, nosebleeds, out of breath most of the time, so much so I couldn’t really chat with people, hot and shivery, hot flushes, mucus, felt that my nervous system was overstimulated, shooting pains, weakness in my hands and difficulty holding things, about 9 months of insomnia , also times when all I could do was sleep). During this time I completely neglected myself and put a lot of my energy I did have in helping others. (Its been challenging, but I now value myself and treat myself with such love and kindness, Im sure there are many of you reading this that can resonate with just how challenging it is to treat yourself with such love and compassion)

By October 2013 I had to have wheelchair access at times if I needed to walk any distance. The G.P was adamant that I had M.S and wanted me to see a neurologist. I refused to take this onboard, and decided I needed to take a much more active roll in my health. I headed straight to Bali and did a 21 day Pancha Karma at an Ayurvedic Clinic.


I left there feeling some improvement in my health , however my health declined again, and so I decided to return to Jersey in 2014. By January 2015 I became confined to bed, unable to do anything except walk from one room to the next. Spending most of my days in bed or lying on the couch.

I confided in my Yoga Master David Goulet, a Canadian man who has lived and breathed all things yoga for over 40 years, a healer, with immense knowledge and wisdom of the science of yoga. He now lives in the jungle in the Phillipines. He suggested I come over to him immediately, which is what I did. I left Jersey in a wheelchair and within 2 to 3 weeks I felt well enough to walk distances, practice yoga, dance and all sorts of wonderful things. I was getting my life back, I felt a sense of vitality which hadn’t been familiar to me for years. And from then on I experienced a steady increase in my health.

As wonderful as this experience was, it was also a very challenging time. The fundamental principles behind this healing programme was, to put it simply to “move and breathe & heal the mind”. I learnt that I wasn’t breathing properly. Me!! Someone who teaches others about their breathing, and had been studying it for years!!! For the first 1 or 2 weeks it felt like such an immense effort to just sit and breath correctly. Doing this brought me to tears a number of times as I felt like I just didn’t have the energy to even do this. But I persevered . It took a lot of commitment and every ounce of determination I could muster up. I wanted my life back, I wanted to feel vitality and well being, and David kept telling me over and over that I must keep these practices up. Every minute of my day I focused on correct breathing until my old breathing habits stating correcting themselves automatically.

Today I never get fatigued like I used to. I can go on big cycle rides, hikes, socialise for hours and basically embrace life in its fullest beauty. I go for early sun rise swims , I live , I love, I jump for joy (really I do :)) I have my life back and I love it with a passion.

I still notice on occasions that my breath & my mind may fall back into its old incorrect patterns, but by having this knowledge and awareness, I can always change this to empowering and healthy breathing and thinking.