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Who are ‘Breath Healing Sessions’ suitable for?

If you haven’t read my page The Importance of our Breath then please do, as I share with you here how Incorrect breathing has been linked to many major illness’s. Many people find it hard to believe that by working with our breathing, we can help heal ourselves.  It does seem incredible, and each time I work with someone, I continue to be amazed at the results I see in my clients. Please see Testimonials for past clients feedback.

Please feel free to contact me personally to find out more.


GROUP SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS – Click HERE to see my EVENTS PAGE of upcoming workshops and group ‘5 Week Breath Healing Courses’ .  I Tend to offer this just once a year


5 Session Programme 

If your intention  is to feel better physically, emotionally and mentally then I offer a 5 session programme .  I will create a structured programme for you, which goes way beyond the time spend with me, this is a healing journey you will embark on . The programme I create for you, will provide you with an understanding as to why your health has declined, guidance and assistance in changing this around, and a structured programme with the tools you need to bring about positive changes to your health and well-being for now and for your future.

Some of what you will receive from these sessions includes :

  • 5 x 1.5 – 2 hour sessions
  • A personal programme created for your specific needs
  • Skills that will enable you to have a deeper understanding of your breath and how to correct poor breathing patterns.
  • A structured homework plan each week, so that you can practice what you have learnt
  • You will receive a summary of the information shared at each session
  • You will receive ; a  50 minute relaxation, breath and movement routine ; An audio of a 20 breathing practice; An audio of a 10 minute mindfulness/ manifestation/meditation practice plus more…
  • You will receive a list of relevant videos for you to watch, if you wish to gain a deeper understanding of the work I am sharing with you

Please contact me if you are interested in having private sessions with me. You may wish to have a chat with me first.

If you wish to come along to just 1 session and then decide whether you wish to commit to the 5 week programme you are welcome.

Breath Healing Testimonials

“This course has been life changing for me. I have struggled for over 20years with Fybromyalgia. I dragged myself through each day suffering with chronic pain, fatigue and brain fog. Julie delivered this course with compassion and empathy. I have practiced everything that she has taught me and the results are utterly amazing. The neck and shoulder pain that I lived daily with has disappeared. My head hasn’t felt this clear for years and I now have enthusiasm, and energy for the life I can now live. I practice all Julie’s teachings daily and I know that I can heal myself through my breath and the knowledge that she has given to me. I can’t thank Julie enough. She has given me my life back and I will be eternally grateful to her. Thank you Julie, you’re amazing”  Tina Scott (Jersey) 

“I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2011…after having no energy and still each day i have to manage….pale in skin tone and always fatigued I found the deep breathing helped my symptoms of Hashimotos considerably. ..I have rosy cheeks….and a whole new way of connecting with my inner self….. I practice 20 mins everyday… improves EVERYTHING!!! I have also shared this this all my clients in my massage sessions and all have benefited getting relief from constipation and anxiety. … An extremely valued course!!!  Jackeline Eyre  (Australia) 

“General improvement in wellbeing and vitality,much better understanding of how we breathe. I would strongly recommend this course to everybody not just to people who are sick”  Ute Steinel (G.P), (Australia) 

“Many thanks in helping me to feel better, much better then i have in years, didn’t realise how well i would feel on this easy to follow course with Julie, with excellent explanation on everything and demonstrations.” Carol Renouf (Jersey) 

If you would like to read more client testimonials please click HERE

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