Deeply Relaxing Yoga Course – May/June 2024 – A choice of 3 times, 9.30am, 5.45pm or 7.15pm. (click ‘continue reading’ below)

MY INTENTION is to hold a safe and gentle space for you to let go of stress in the body and mind and to find a deeper connection to yourSelf.  As you relax into your Self you will notice tensions and painful emotions dissolve.  

I am offering over 17 years teaching experience in many forms of Yoga (Gentle Hatha, Restorative, Yin, Chakra Yoga).  I also share other practices within the yoga class:

Mindfulness & Meditation  Throughout the slow and gentle yoga class a mindfulness practice is constantly weaved in.  When we practice yoga consciously with mindfulness we are able to move deeper into our bodies.  This creates a deeper stretch through our muscles, a more healthy blood flow to our organs and glands.  Our lymphatic system works more efficiently. And many more benefits which I will share with you.



Breath Work – As a Breath Work practitioner I also support you to have a deep relationship with your breath.  I will teach you about breathing and how it is intimately connected to how we feel and our health.  I will share many breathing practices (Pranayama) with you that you can also bring into your life   (see my breath video HERE)


Deeper Teachings – As a Compassionate Inquiry practitioner (see here). and the founder of Conscious Holding (see here), I offer many years experience supporting clients to move into a deeper connection to themSelves.  As we become aware of our conditioned states of being (such as the way be think and feel that cause us to feel stress, anxiety, depression or even physical illness) we are able to break these habitual patterns, and what we discover underneath who we think we are, is who we actually are. Our true nature is that of love & peace. I will bring a little of these teachings into the classes.



Relaxation Practices   – Techniques and practices  that help you move into a deep relaxation.  I also include a Yoga Nidra practice in one of the 5 sessions



The combination of all that I offer, will support you to move into a balanced Parasympathetic Nervous sytem state.  In this state you will notice a calmness wash over you. I believe what I offer is very unique in Jersey.

WHO ARE THE CLASSES SUITABLE FOR?  These sessions are suitable for anyone.   Each class will be slow paced with variations given and individual attention given if required. I have students coming for all different reasons.  Some come for relaxation, some come for the deeper teachings. Some come to sit or lie down in a restful position to purely have the meditation, breathing and mindfulness practice in stillness.

ABOUT THE SPACE – The space will be candle lit, warm and nurturing .

Spaces are limited so as to provide you with all with individual attention.

I will provide you all with a yoga mat, a bolster and blankets.

The forms of yoga I teach include :

Gentle Hatha – A slow and gentle yoga practice.  At times this connects to stillness in a pose and at time we find gentle flowing movement in the body with our breath.

Laya Yoga – concentration techniques to move energy so as to allow the energy to flow more freely, dissolving any energy blockages

Yin Yoga – Gentle yoga poses that focus on deeper opening/stretching and are held for 3 – 5 minutes

Restorative Yoga – Poses that focus on complete relaxation and are held for 3 – 10 minutes

Raja Yoga – (Yoga of the mind) – mindfulness – awareness of our thoughts/belief systems – tools to help you change/break old patterns of thinking and create new healthy belief systems

Within each class I will explain the effects the yoga postures, breathing exercises and other practices have on your health and wellbeing, such as :

  • The health benefits you receive  (e.g. blood pressure,  hormonal balance, Menstration problems, thyroid, digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia etc)
  • The beneficial effects on your nervous system. some practices can be very energising and some create relaxation.
  • The beneficial effects on your organs and glands.
  • The beneficial effects on your energy body. For example some practices have the ability to release any locked in tensions and energy blockages.  As we find this release, energy is able to move more freely as well as oxygen rich blood.
  •  An opportunity to explore your breathing and gain a deeper understanding of just how your breath is connected to your physical , emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Though greater breath awareness and Pranayama we will bring more oxygen into the cells of our body. This supports cellular healing as well as detoxification of the cells.

If you have any queries please feel free to call me on 07797782606 or email me at

DATES: (these courses are held throughout the year.  You can click HERE to see current courses available for this year)

Tuesday, beginning 21st May 2024 – for 5 consecutive weeks.
TIME – 5.45pm – 7pm

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Tuesday, beginning 21st May 2024 – for 5 consecutive weeks.
TIME – 7.15pm – 8.30pm

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Wednesday, beginning 22nd May  – for 5 consecutive weeks.
TIME – 9.30am – 11am

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PRICE * please see cancellation policy below

Early bird Price – £77 – to be paid before 14th May 2024
If there are any sessions of the course that you cannot attend you DO NOT have to pay for them.  Please instead message me HERE and let me know the course you wish to join and the dates you cannot attend.  I will then email you back and you can make a bank transfer for the number of classes you can attend.

If paid after 14th May 2024 – £87 

WAITING LIST –  If you wish to be on the waiting list for a course that is now full, please let me know and I will let you know if a cancellation occurs. CLICK HERE

IF COURSES ARE FULLY BOOK – You can still come along to DROP IN CLASSES – If you ever wish to come to a drop in class, please contact me and I will reserve you space if one is available – price £15 per class. CLICK HERE

LOCATION:  Jersey Indoor Bowling, Granville (next to Granville school), St Saviour, JE2 7XB

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“I really enjoyed the Deeply Relaxing 5 week course with Julie, and am so grateful for all the new understanding of breathing correctly.  Lovely relaxing classes with great tuition from a super teacher.
Can’t wait for the course again in Jan.  Thanks Julie for the enjoyment you have helped me find
practising Yoga. (Sandra Dauny)
‘To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but oh my, what a beautiful space Julie creates. She has such I beautiful way about her and explains everything in just the right way…… so you can understand it !
Julie started us off slowly and easy then bought us forward gently. Offering alternative poses all the way, so we all had suitable options. Can’t wait for the next set of sessions !” (Kirsty marquer)
“I am so pleased that I attended one of Julie’s 5 week yoga and breath awareness courses, during which I learnt a variety of new yoga styles and posses along with different breathing techniques. I love the way Julie talks you through the different benefits as you are in the different postures. I felt that Julie was very knowledgable in her subject , thus allowing you to totally relax and surrender so you can enjoy a more healthier you. One comes away in a Bliss state with having learnt lots of new tools to take away to further enhance your life. I can’t wait for the next course in January. Thank you Julie. X (kathryn brown)
Thanks for the wonderful yoga / breathing classes . It was really fantastic to benefit from this opportunity
and to share in your invaluable experience.  As you know I have attended several classes in the past and i’ve found That they have helped me enormously and the people I have invited to attend . Amazingly the experience on every occasion has been very special as I have found that I have moved forward with emotionally challenging situations in my life. I really connected with your description of energy in motion equals Emotion. For me your classes are much more than yoga exercise and breathing – although both very powerful. I have experienced a deepening of awareness and acceptance. It’s been a real tonic helping me to think clearer and find ways to breathe and balance my emotions.

Terms & Conditions of payment – by making payment you agree to these terms and conditions:
If you decide to cancel any time up to 2 weeks before the course begins a full refund will be given. If you cancel after this time a £30 admin fee will be deducted from your refund.
No refund will be given once the course has begin.  This includes refunds for any classes that you miss.
You are welcome to gift any missed classes to a friend or family member.