If you’ve never been to a Kirtan before then you are in for a treat. The chants are sung in the language of  Sanskrit (don’t worry, very easy to learn).  This ancient Indian language is magical as it is a language based on sound vibration. What does this mean? Well each sound actually creates a certain vibrational frequency which has a very powerful healing effect on our wellbeing.  Kirtan  helps us to reconnect to our true nature of joy, peace and love which ultimately connects us all as one.  Its not about being able to sing,  its about allowing yourself just to be you, just the way you are, perfect.  Its a very beautiful experience.

You are welcome to lead a chant yourself, to join in, or to sit quietly and enjoy the healing sound vibrations. Feel free to bring along any instruments you have.

WHERE : Gervais Le Gros, St Aubin, Jersey

WHEN: 1st Thursday of each month (please check before hand as at times the dates do change)


If you wish to join the “Kirtan Collective” Facebook group, please let me know