Breath Healing testimonials – 5 Week Course

Stage 2 Cancer

Dolly’s Testimonial – I worked with Dolly for 2 months in March 2017.  She is from Malaysia. When I met Dolly she had stage 2 cancer.  Through this work she has gone into remission

“Most probably, the only thing which I can share is ” follow your heart” on everything you decide on doing. There are a lot of healing methods which are working well. However they are not necessary suitable and helpful to oneself, as it really depend on that persons beliefs & positive mindset. Doing things that will make you happy & cheerful. Things that make you feel hopeful & motivated to continue this life of yours – even if it might not be as “long” as you want. I saw quite a few examples of those that really healed after few years practising yoga/the advance breathing exercises and focusing of positive thinking. They heal because they put in the courage to try, and find that it really suitable for their mind and body. They believe that it will definitely help and benefit them.

It will be very hopeless at the beginning and you just cant figure out anymore what is the most correct thing to do at this moment of time. You might not only getting ill physically but as well mentally. Think of those people that love you and you love, to be able to move forward. There is example of those that heal as well – just focusing on mental control by making own life happy and meaningful. For me, I took 1 year to really understand all this, and taking courage to move on. I am lucky that I have a lot of support during this difficult period, and I know it is not that simple as well to move on. However, just always telling yourself you can do it, you can do it.

It is worth trying on this natural healing, as it definitely benefit you. If you never try – you not going to know whether it is something helpful / suitable for you. This is something great to learn, even as a healthy person.

Love you. Will not forget even a single thing that you ever did to help me last year.  I am crying as well, to be able to hear from someone special like you. Of course, your work is really pretty good and priceless. It’s my pleasure to be able to share the knowledge from you. Appreciate that very much from bottom of my heart. Lot of love and kisses to you” Dolly

“All my results were normal”

“My course has just finished with you last Sunday, October 7th.  The path that sent me in your direction was a common one.  I had been to my GP as I was feeling unwell.  I had elevated red blood cells amongst other symptoms- I was feeling constantly tired, with low testosterone levels.  My haemoglobin levels were irregular and there was a possibility of anaemia.  This started a whole process of testing- with blood tests, scans & x-rays on a weekly basis to eliminate all the possible causes.

Your course was recommended to me, and I thought what did I have to lose, To be honest- I was sceptical as to how much it would or could help- but I went to the first class with an open mind.  I left with mixed feelings- I was the only male amongst the ladies, and I just wasn’t sure if I would return.  However, I went home and read the homework and decided that I would continue.  I found that the breathing exercises and course work helped me, and I felt more calm.  From the second week onward- I really came to enjoy the course.  I felt an immediate improvement and it was really beneficial to me.  A few days before my last class I returned to my GP for my test results.  Her first question to me was how was I feeling- I replied- well, you tell me! With great relief (and an element of surprise) all my results were normal.  She asked me what I had done, and I said that I had been attending this course- whilst an eyebrow was raised, She acknowledged that clearly I was in much better health, and to carry on!  I now feel so much calmer, and my breathing is much improved.  I found the video links to be of great interest, and all I can say after my 5 weeks is a resoundingly big ‘THANK YOU’ for all you have done.  My wife is interested in attending the next session of courses, and I think that I will attend with her- both to offer support to her, and to re-inforce what I have learned with you.  I would also be interested in future courses with similar content as I feel they would be of great benefit”.

Alcino Vieira (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2018

“I have invested in an invaluable tool which will last a lifetime”

“Julie is not only an exceptional human being,but also an enthusiastic and inspirational teacher. Having just completed her 5 week Breath Healing Course, it’s clear that I have invested in an invaluable tool which will last a lifetime. Alongside practical relevant information, Julie provides sources and resources to explore cutting edge, thought provoking thinking around the mind/body connection. She gives of herself 100%, making sure that every participant is personally contacted and helping on a one to one basis iron out any difficulties and providing encouragement. The whole course is well balanced with theory and practical sessions. I feel privileged to have met Julie and have no hesitation in highly recommending the course”

Jackie (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2018

“Julie’s 5 Week Breath Healing Course comes highly recommend!”

“Julie’s 5 Week Breath Healing Course comes highly recommend!   Whether you are coming from a state of illness or not, this course is a must for everyone who wants to bring harmony and balance to their mind, body and soul.  Julie gives you the tools , techniques and information to set you up on a voyage of discovery and self empowerment.   Thank you julie for reminding me to be still again and bringing me back to myself
Much love and thanks to you xxx “

Sharon Ryan (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2018

“Julie’s dedication to this work is profound and I was impressed with the course and how it was presented. I have not only been able to apply the teachings to my own situation but it has helped me enormously with my yoga teaching. I teach pranayama more confidently and with a renewed enthusiasm to share the value of pranayama practice.

Nicole Turner-Butler (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“I was diagnosed with Hashimotos….”

“I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2011…after having no energy and still each day i have to manage….pale in skin tone and always fatigued I found the deep breathing helped my symptoms of Hashimotos considerably. ..I have rosy cheeks….and a whole new way of connecting with my inner self….. I practice 20 mins everyday… improves EVERYTHING!!! I have also shared this this all my clients in my massage sessions and all have benefited getting relief from constipation and anxiety. … An extremely valued course!!!!”

Jackeline Eyre  (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“life changing”

“This course has been life changing. I feel like I have a tool for life to reenergise, recenter and release. Thank you Julie” x

Emma Dornan (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“I really enjoyed these breathing workshops and I learnt more than I expected too. It brought together many concepts on health and a balanced lifestyle from a mind, body and spiritual level. All of the participants were friendly and Julie is a fantastic teacher”

Anonymous, (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“I did notice improvements in general health and mental well being whilst attending course, and loved every session. Due to unexpected emotional upsets, since end of course, I’m not reaching my potential. I know though, that I have learnt so much, and will always have the knowledge to improve my wellbeing , for which I am very grateful to Julie”

Anonymous, (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“I would strongly recommend this course to everybody not just to people who are sick”

“General improvement in wellbeing and vitality,much better understanding of how we breathe. I would strongly recommend this course to everybody not just to people who are sick”

Ute Steinel (G.P), (Australia) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

Chronic Fatigue -” I have seen a huge improvement in my energy levels and general feeling of well-being”.

“Discovering this cause really does seem to have been the missing link for me in terms of helping me to make a full recovery from chronic fatigue, which I was diagnosed with three years ago. I had no idea how bad my breathing habits had become and how vital getting it right is to health. Starved of oxygen we can’t expect to be well but Julie patiently tailors each session, explains the physiology/science of it and in five weeks I have seen a huge improvement in my energy levels and general feeling of well-being. Anyone who sits down all day for a living needs to do this course, in fact everyone would benefit from this holistic healing. Thank you Julie – I didn’t want it to end!”

Anonymous – Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2017

“This course has heightened my awareness of how our breath is a tool for both emotional and health balance, – and how becoming more experienced at using my breath wisely and optimising it can have a positive and beneficial effect on the quality of my life. Thank you so much Julie for bringing this to the forefront of our awareness”

Johan Liffey (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“I definitely feel calmer and at the same time more energised. The course requires practice as does anything new and worthwhile. The more effort I put into using Julie’s teaching the better I feel which encourages me to keep going. I have also loved learning the science behind this breathing method, for me this has helped to keep me focused and interested”

Kathy Rondel (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“This being my second breath healing workshop, I didn’t know if I would receive any further benefits but I have received so much more again. My health and mind status is the best it has ever been at present and I feel assured that it will continue to stay like this with the tools that I have received from doing both courses. This second course has had so more more knowledge and presentation was awesome. I feel it has been a journey learning all of this, not an easy one but you get out what you put in and the benefits are phenomenal. Thank you Julie for your awesome presentations, techniques and knowledge and for supporting us when needed”

Nina Wright (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016


“As i have been unable to commit the amount of time and effort this course deserved due to work commitments I have been really surprised and impressed with the changes I have seen from the minimal work I have been able to do. The main improvement for me was the amount of energy I had when working very long days when normally i would have been exhausted come the end of the day. I was feeling very alert and focused. I also noticed on the days when i was able to focus on my breathing more than others how much slower the pace of my day felt whilst being under pressure. this was hugely beneficial as it gave me some space to be able to think a little clearer. Im very much looking forward to signing up to the next course Julie offers when i will be able to give the course the attention and effort I know it deserves”

Marie Christine Dix (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“My health is in good condition I just went on this course for knowledge because when I attended the workshop I knew in my heart that Julie was on to something really great! I would highly recommend this course I didn’t want it to end. Thank you Julie I am so grateful! Keep spreading your amazing Work”

Natalie Tonner (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“On this second course I have partaken in, I have been able to absorb the information and breathing practise more into my daily life (with 3 kids), which has me much calmer. I don’t have time to set aside so for me incorporating deeper breathing into many of my daily tasks is the key. Some of the breathing techniques were the same, which Ive been able to practise more as they are not new and I am able to do them this time around. There was one other breathing technique which I embraced, which has had a big effect on me, emotionally and physically. I will continue to do this every 3 months for a cleanse. ‘You can be shown the door, and Julie can hold your hand to the door, but you must walk through that door yourself, she cannot do it for us’…..she has given me a gift which I now need to work at for my own health benefits. I would love to do another course or retreat in the future as the journey is about deepening your awareness and practise, its not a quick fix, like anything worth doing in life. Thanks Julie” xx

Nikki Grierson (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“Went to course open minded but with no expectations. fascinated by the science and the fact most of us do not breath correctly. but what really stands out is the way you feel when you breath correctly, extraordinary that something so simple can make such a difference”

Anonymous, (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“Julie used her passion and deep knowledge to explain the scientific fact behind proper breath work. This base knowledge was then used to teach us the various practical techniques which I have started to introduce into my life. Although early days I am getting glimpses of what it feels like to be calm, connected and at peace”…. It feels lovely and I can’t wait to deepen my practice in the coming months. I’m grateful I was lead in Julie’s direction she has certainly introduced me to something that is and will continue to support my well being”

Anonymous, (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“The breathing courses that I have done with Julie have changed, and continue, to change my life. With the instruction and information given it became clear that I have had some very bad breath patterns for my whole life. That is 42 years of unpicking! However, I am now on a deeply healing journey, and thanks to Julie, she has given me some incredible tools, and also insights, into how I can achieve amazing health and also add to the states of joy and abundance in my life. Thank you Julie, you are an angel in my life”

Anonymous, (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“The 5 week healing breath course was tought by Julie with passion and such enthusiasm, I learned a lot and have gained valuable tools to help with my health and wellbeing. To experience the full healing benefits from the course you have to be able to commit a considerable amount of time daily ( which for me at this point in my life isn’t do able) But I have the knowledge and can progress at my own pace…… Thank you Julie”

Tracy Noel, (Jersey)Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“I really enjoyed the course as it gave me knowledge and tools to improve my health. Unfortunately I could not put that much work in but planning to do so in a less busy period. The things I’ve done though definitely improved my sleeping and helped me relax more”

 Anonymous, (Jersey)Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2016

“Breathing, it’s the most easiest and natural thing for us to do we think but yet I have learnt from this course that breathing incorrectly can cause major damage to our health.
I attended Julie’s 5 week course last year and the techniques have been invaluable. The course was both well guided and interesting with Julie explaining the scientifics well enough for my brain foggy mind to understand. Since starting the techniques I have noticed small changes in my health that have lead to huge steps forward and I continue to be amazed and see others on this journey who’s lives had been so desperate before but now continue to build in strength due to breathing correctly.
Thank you Julie xx”

Nina Wright (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breath Healing Course in 2015

Carol – (Chronic Fatigue)

“Many thanks in helping me to feel better, much better then i have in years, didn’t realise how well i would feel on this easy to follow course with Julie, with excellent explanation on everything and demonstrations”

Carol Renouf (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breathing Healing Course for M.E / Chronic Fatigue in 2015

“I really loved all the information on what goes on ‘behind’ the breathing and what happens when we do it wrong… and also all the emotional./mental/physical links. This is inspiring… is makes me WANT to change so that I can improve every level of my life and live from a better all-round healthy place. Sometimes we are unaware of the bad things we do to ourselves and this really helped highlight some of the things I am doings that are terrorising my own life. I think you did this really well, and I loved your passion for it… I think that is so important and is easy to be motivated by passionate teaching. Your enthusiasm was second to none and your generosity of spirit and also of your time and kindness was also very unexpected and very nurturing and for me helped as I find it hard to ‘take’ for me, but you gave so willingly that it made it easier for me to take part in your generosity.I can’t say enough what a gift the course, and your energy and kindness have been. Thank you xxxxxxx”

Saskia Lee Stewart  (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breathing Healing Course for M.E / Chronic Fatigue in 2015

Louise – (Chronic Fatigue)

“Having spent the last 5 Tuesday nights learning to breath properly, I cannot believe how scary it is when you go into the sciency bits (which luckily are explained in easy to understand terms) about how we all develop terrible habits through the simple act of breathing which can cause all sorts of health issues.  Being a little cynical but optimistic, I could relate to so many problems and having made some adjustments (i will admit to not doing all the homework set) I have noticed a genuine difference in my health.  I think everyone who took the first course with Julie has noticed some change whether it be an acknowledgement of what they need in the future to a relief of migraine suffering and aches and pains being less prevalent to more extreme reactions.  Throughout the course, Julie is there, to help with the more challenging times that some of us encountered and with a pinch of positivity we are all wishing for an exciting healthy new year”

Louise Minier  (Jersey) Attended 5 week Breathing Healing Course for M.E / Chronic Fatigue in 2015