C.F. / M.E. Healing Course

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The healing power of our breath

A 5 week programme in Jersey for those with M.E/ Chronic Fatigue and general fatigue


“Breathing is the FIRST place not the LAST place one should investigate when any disordered energy presents itself.”

Dr Sheldon Hendler, MD Ph.D. , Medical Researcher Cell Oxygenation

This is a 5 week programme (2 and a half hours a week) to support people on their healing journey from M.E/Chronic Fatigue and for those that feel a general sense of fatigue.

I suffered from C.F for some time, and have healed myself in such a short amount of time using the knowledge and techniques I will share with you. (click HERE to read the story of my healing journey and click HERE for information on the importance of our breath)

I will teach you to have a deeper understanding of your breath, and the skills you need to acquire healthy breathing. Breathing correctly is fundamental to sustaining good health

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Evidence shows a correlation between those with poor breathing patterns, and disease, such as Chronic Fatigue (C.F) and even Cancer. People are most often not even aware that they are not breathing well.

When we are breathing incorrectly our bodies do not receive enough Oxygen (O2). (remember we can be breathing incorrectly and not even know this!). This creates an O2 deficiency to all our cells, glands and organs. Our cells deteriate, and disease sets it. Every cell of our being needs O2 to survive. If you were to hold your breath for 5 minutes you would probably die, this is what happens to our cells in our body.

Our Carbon Dioxide (CO2) levels are also effected in our body. Poor breathing creates either to much C02 or too little Co2 in our bodies which subsequently leads to either a pH that is too acidic or too alkaline which both create disease.

Its this O2 deficiency and Co2 imbalance that causes fatigue which can eventually lead to M.E/C.F.

Every person who has cancer is Oxygen deficient and has a pH that is too acidicDr Otto Warburg (received the Nobel Peace Prize for discovering the root cause of cancer)

There is substantial evidence to show a correlation between poor breathing patterns, and health problems. An example of this is the speed of our breath (If we breath quickly we create low O2 levels in the body). Furthermore this quick breathing pattern also effects the quality of our sleep.


Have you noticed when you look at a baby breathing, they breath into their belly and their breath is soft and relaxed, so how did our breath change? There are many reasons:
• Stress
• Physical health issues
• Surgery
• Trama
• Virus’s and bacteria (and also from vaccines) cannot survive in an O2 rich environment



What you will receive from this 5 week programme:
• A small group of no more then 7 – 10 people
• Information that will be shared with you in a way that is easy to understand. I will happily spend extra time with you if you are still unclear of anything I’ve shared
��� Skills that will enable you to have a deeper understanding of your breath and how to correct poor breathing patterns
• You will receive a package which contains a summary of information shared at the workshops.
• You will receive a  50 minute relaxation, breath and movement routine on DVD
• Two informal DVD  and  discussion nights at my home. One on the effects our thinking has on us at a cellular level. The other is about the effects of how always giving to others before ourselves is linked to chronic health conditions.

PRICE: £160 (includes 50 minute DVD)