‘Deeply Relaxing’ Yoga Classes

“Thank you Julie I wanted to say how brilliant I think you are as a teacher and how kind and thoughtful and peaceful you are.

Your classes are like no others I have attended – calm, open, helpful, relaxing, soft, friendly, inspiring, grounding, a good tonic for the mind and the body – and especially helpful when one may be dealing with nasty challenges we all face in life. The way you explain the thought process and our reactions to thinking and overthinking is really really really helpful. You just “get it”.

Thank you for so very much for sharing such knowledge and for being an inspiration.

“Walking into one of Julie’s classes, whether a Restorative Yoga or Breathworks class, always gave me the warm feeling of coming home.
It’s like being wrapped in a cosy, comforting blanket, away from the stresses and strains of life for a time”. (Simon)

“I really enjoyed the Deeply Relaxing 5 week course with Julie, and am so grateful for all the new understanding of breathing correctly.  Lovely relaxing classes with great tuition from a super teacher.
Can’t wait for the course again in Jan.  Thanks Julie for the enjoyment you have helped me find
practising Yoga. (Sandra Dauny)

“Having such a demanding job meant I was spending little time on me, I was feeling stressed, tired and a bit dis-jointed. Since attending Julie’s yoga classes I feel more centred, grounded, less stressed and above all happier.

I now practice yoga each day and incorporate it into my normal day to day life as part of my rhythm and routine – I can’t thank Julie enough for her wisdom, kindness and gentle approach and feel truly blessed.”


‘To be honest I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but oh my, what a beautiful space Julie creates. She has such I beautiful way about her and explains everything in just the right way…… so you can understand it !

Julie started us off slowly and easy then bought us forward gently. Offering alternative poses all the way, so we all had suitable options. Can’t wait for the next set of sessions !” (Kirsty marquer)

 “I am so pleased that I attended one of Julie’s 5 week yoga and breath awareness courses, during which I learnt a variety of new yoga styles and posses along with different breathing techniques. I love the way Julie talks you through the different benefits as you are in the different postures. I felt that Julie was very knowledgable in her subject , thus allowing you to totally relax and surrender so you can enjoy a more healthier you. One comes away in a Bliss state with having learnt lots of new tools to take away to further enhance your life. I can’t wait for the next course in January. Thank you Julie. X (kathryn brown)

I feel confident with Julies deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy, and how this flows through her classes, and is passed on to the students on both  an individual level and  class level. I am always encouraged by her calm assurance & find her teaching methods motivating. The classes have always been enjoyable and provided an opportunity for personal physical and mental development through her varied  Yoga.

Julie shows a deep commitment to personal practice and clearly appreciates and attends to individual needs and circumstances without compromising her high standards of practice and discipline. Julie conducts her classes with such grace and compassion I’m nearly reluctant to recommend them in case they get too crowded. (Tina Scott)

“Thanks for the wonderful yoga / breathing classes . It was really fantastic to benefit from this opportunity

and to share in your invaluable experience.  As you know I have attended several classes in the past and i’ve found That they have helped me enormously and the people I have invited to attend . Amazingly the experience on every occasion has been very special as I have found that I have moved forward with emotionally challenging situations in my life. I really connected with your description of energy in motion equals Emotion. For me your classes are much more than yoga exercise and breathing – although both very powerful. I have experienced a deepening of awareness and acceptance. It’s been a real tonic helping me to think clearer and find ways to breathe and balance my emotions”

“Julie’s class popped up on social media and for me it was meant to be, over recent years I tend to get anxious but since doing Julie’s class I feel so much calmer and relaxed than I was before and practice is the key for me, when I put in the effort and practice I feel so much better.

Julie explains how to breath properly which I realise is essential for our well being and she always fully explains the benefits of postures and stretches and gives alternatives to each practice.

I have thoroughly enjoyed every class and I leave relaxed, energised.

Julie is a breath of fresh air and a beautiful person” (Barbara Ware)

Deeply Relaxing Yoga with Julie helps provide both mind and body maintenance, and can be taken outside the classes.  (Craig Armstrong)