Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga classes are tailed to your individual needs.  So for each person this will be different.  

Within all classes I will:

  • Explain to you the health benefits of each pose (e.g. blood pressure,  hormonal balance, Menstration problems, thyroid, digestive issues, anxiety, fatigue etc etc) and how they directly benefit certain organs and glands..
  • How each pose has certain effects on your nervous system, some may be very energising and some create relaxation.
  •  An opportunity to explore your breathing and gain a deeper understanding of just how your breath is connected to your physical , emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • An understanding of how different poses have different effects on your breathing.
  • Include some meditation and relaxation

Some examples of the styles of yoga classes I teach:

  •  A gentle therapeutic style of yoga specific for your body needs.
  •  A more dynamic yoga class for fitness and strength
  •  A restorative yoga class


£60 for a 1  hour class


I am happy to come to your home, or you can come to my yoga space in my home in St Martins.