Therapeutic Yoga

therapeutic yoga in JerseyThis class will only take up to 8 people.  This is a  therapeutic style of yoga which  is a very effective practice if you are working through any injuries or wishing to maintain a healthy body and mind.  Due to this being such a small group I can work very individually with your particular health needs.  The class is aimed to create more flexibility and strength in your body.  The yoga movements/poses we do also have a powerful beneficial effect on the glands and organs of your body.

As well as guiding you safely within the postures, i also teach you to bring awareness to your breath.  Bringing this awareness to breath and having an understanding of breath can help with many stress related conditions, such as anxiety, panic and general stress levels as well as the physical ailments that arise from poor breathing habits. Each class will also finish with a relaxation practice. Please let me know if you wish to come along as spaces are limited